Saturday, May 23, 2009

Embellishment Kits & Update

Hi everyone :-)

Just a quick update to let you know what is happening here at WIOIN, we have SOLD OUT of ALL Main May Kits, we have the following Embellishment Kits left, also due to a order cancellation we now have a Girl and Vintage available which were previously sold out.

2 x Boy Embellishment - SOLD OUT
Girl Embellishment - SOLD OUT
Vintage Embellishment - SOLD OUT

If you are interested in any of these please EMAIL us, we are more than happy to hold these to ship with your June Kits.

Tomorrow I will be updating the site with the Sneak Peaks of June's Main kits, we also have some special kits on offer, every second month we are offering "One Off" Kits these are kits that we have created that we only have 1 - 3 available of each, these kits wont have examples and will be sold first come first serve. The images for these kits wil be uploaded on June 1st, no sneaks.
Ordering for these will be the same as out other kits!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and we will be back with some images tomorrow :-)


  1. Sounds awesome! Bring on the 1st!!!!! :)

  2. cant wait for the new release kits..wonderful value for money and great products and service!