Friday, June 19, 2009

Embellishment Kit Updates

Just want to let everyone know what we have left of the Embellishment Kits...

Boy - 1 Left
Vintage - 3 Left
6x12 - 6 Left

We made a lot more of the Embellishment kits this month and are so happy with how they are going so a big thank you to everyone out there who is purchasing from us :-)

Kit Sneak Peaks will be up on the site Sunday 28th May and are available to purchase FROM 1st JULY!

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  1. Hi Mel! Kate B from the USA here-just wanted to say I got my kit and LOVED it! haven't created anything though because I've been sick but I am on the mend and plan on doing something fantastic with it at a crop this weekend! Thought it was sooo worth it and plan on shopping with you more. :) Will post to the gallery next week!